Alter script options


when I generate an alter script, is there a way to specify options as I do when I generate a DDL script (suppress quotations and schema prefix, specify primary key inside or outside statements …) ?

I use TDM

Thank you.


Regarding the quotations, here is what I did for the model for which alter script I wanted to generate (Model 2 in Convertor):
I opened the Script Generation dialog | Detailed Settings and cleared the Use Quotations checkbox. Clicked Save Settings and closed the Script Generation dialog.

Then I generated alter script for this model (Model 2 in Convertor) and the quotations were not there.

I’ve asked our developers - Alter script generation takes some of the settings defined for the model in Script Generation dialog. BUT, it does not always work, it doesn’t work properly. So, we will deal with this task. - I’ve created a new CR for this - CR # 53 876.

Thanks very much for your question!


Vladka + TDM Team

Thank you Vladka.

Indeed, I noticed that the DDL generation settings were reused in the alter script but only for quotations and create statements, not alter statements and other settings.