Alter SQL Server Table results in "No Changes Detected"


My apologies if this has been posted. I searched under a couple of search phrases I thought I might find it, but could not find any matches.

I’m using TDP with a SQL 2008R2 server. When I try to add a column and position it anywhere other than the last place, it says “-- No changes detected”. If I use TDP 3.7 and prior, it generates a script which renames the table, creates a new one, imports the data from the old table and drops it.

Just curious if this is a known issue or not, or if it is just a feature that was removed on purpose?


Thank you for reporting the issue to us. I have confirmed it is a bug. TSS-1267 is created for it.

Awesome, thank you! I will forego opening a ticket with support then. :slight_smile:

What’s the ETA on this issue? I use this feature often. Where can I follow the status of TSS-1267?

Hello alloyd_640,
The issue has been resolved and it will be available in TDP 4.0.
You can also test that in the latest Beta ( which already contains the fix.

Thanks Libor! Any ETA on the official 4.0 release?

End of July[Y]

Based on the thread if feels like will not be a BUG FIX to existing product? Rather it coming in the 4.0 release?

I understand the fix being included in the next major release, but this is an old feature that was broken from previous release to this one so a bug fix to existing should be made available. When is the “patch”/“hot fix” going to be made available for TOAD 3.8.x users?

There already was a patch/hot fix for TDP 3.8.

TDP 4.0 has been released to market and will be GA on July 19.

If you email me I have give you a private link to TDP 4.0 so you can get a jump on it.

Hello, I recently upgraded to TDP 32-bit running against SQL Server 2008 and I’m running into this same [Alter SQL Server Table results in “No Changes Detected”] bug. I tested it in TDP and it works fine. Thanks.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It slipped through the cracks. We found we have recorded these two issues, We are escalating the fix.

QAT-9793 & TSS-1402