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Altering a table that is referenced by FK results in error.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create table A with identity column GroupId
  2. Create table B with identity column ItemId and GroupId with FK to A.GroupId with cascade
  3. Alter table A and add a new column.
    Press Ok.

The generated script gives an error on its last line

DROP TABLE [Admin].[tmp_8460ef8c7e3c4018b3b1580c83726ff7]

about not being able to drop table because FK references exist because table B actually is referencing the tmp table as its foreign key since near the top of the script the table is renamed in prep for a rebuild:

EXECUTE [sp_rename]
@objname = N’[dbo].[A]’,
@newname = N’tmp_8460ef8c7e3c4018b3b1580c83726ff7’,
@objtype = ‘OBJECT’;


The script be enhanced to re-reference FKs away from the tmp file and to the new table before the final delete of tmp table at the end of the script.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Thanks for report. I have a feeling we have addressed similar issue in the past.
Are you using 5.7 beta or the issue is related to one of prev.release (please, specify which one).