Generate Change Script Acting Up Again

I had this working... lost my hard drive... re-installed and can't remember/find the fix.

Use Case:
Run generate change script.

Tables with Foreign Keys have an auto generated [ID] column appended at the end. For example, a table with five non identifying relationships has

integer [ID],
integer [ID],
integer [ID],
integer [ID],
integer [ID],
integer [ID]

At the bottom of the table. The change script fails and basically eats the database.

Run the change script a second time,

It works.

I can deal with this in a development environment where I can erase all the data when ever I feel like it, but for production the tool is basically useless.

There was some setting deep down in Settings that fixed this, I can't remember what it is. Can somebody help?


Hi Alan,
are you sure this is about Toad for SQL Server and not Toad Data Modeler? I remember "Generate change script" feature in TDM but not in Toad for SQL Server.

The product says "Toad Data Modeler 7.2" guess I'm in the wrong forum wil repost.

Np, I've moved it to the correct category.