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Am receiving message "'TOAD.TOAD_PLAN_TABLE' is old version" - how to upgrade Oracle instance?


I upgraded my TOAD to but the ‘TOAD_PLAN_TABLE’ on the Oracle instance in which I am working must have been created with an older version.

How do I upgrade ‘TOAD_PLAN_TABLE’ to the new version?

Maintaining the old entries is not an issue.


Just drop the old table. Next time you do an Explain Plan, Toad will ask you if it can create a new one for you.

I’d always use original table from sys schema (put “SYS” and “PLAN_TABLE$” in Oracle General tab… especially after some upgrades to new Oracle version, when DBA should drop old one a recreate a new one manually.

Oracle plan table always has all new columns while toad is only a tool that is trying to follow that…