Application variables and text objects


I have a workspace in a model that I am using for documentation purposes, and I would like to have a text object on the page that includes the date that the file was last modified, or at least the date that the document was printed.

I am coming from a product called XCase that lets you have a “Title Box” on the diagram that includes things such as a version number, revision date, etc; and have gotten used to having that information displayed in the documentation that I produce.

I have placed a entry in the text for the object by clicking the “” button at the bottom of the text entry dialog, thinking that it would be expanded. However, when I print the document, it remains “”

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug? I am using TDM version on Windows 7 64 bit.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Mike Williams

Hi Mike,

For this purpose you can use the Stamp feature. Go to the menu Objects | Stamp, and click in the WorkSpace where you want to add the stamp.
To edit the stamp contents, double-click on it and the Model Properties dialog opens.
To change the format/appearance of the stamp, right-click and select Format.

Anyway, I created a change request CR 93777 for the issue with <%> Application Variable form button, because it doesn’t get interpreted.