AS clauses in select list not aligned properly


this relates to Toad for Oracle Beta, version

The following statement is an example of incorrectly aligned AS clauses on a select list:
insert into iib_krg.gen_table_columns
select host_env
, ‘poll_defaults’ as short_name
, ‘SLEEP_INTERVAL’ as column_name
, 5 as column_seq
, ‘NUMBER’ as data_type
, 5 as data_length
, 0 as decimals
, ‘N’ as key_column
, ‘’ as key_lookup_type
, ‘Y’ as modifiable_column
, ‘N’ as start_column
, ‘N’ as end_column
, ‘N’ as status_column
, ‘’ as completion_criterion
, ‘Y’ as reference_column
, ‘’ as default_value
, ‘NOTNULL’ as content_check
, ‘’ as retrieval_query
, ‘’ as xml_pathname
, ‘N’ as treat_column_as_new
, ‘Nr of seconds to wait when no data is available; use -1 to exit instead of going to sleep’ as column_description
from iib_krg.gen_tables
group by host_env;

I think either all AS clauses should align properly, or (even better, but probably more complex) the long line should be excepted from determination of the alignment column, making all AS clauses align on column 29.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Hi Abe, we may want to do the same as we did with the named parameters. Let me look into this.