Auditing - Toad for Oracle

I have enabled Auditing in Oracle by using the AUDIT statement. I am able to audit dml statements using Oracle’s SQL Plus or other tools. But dml statements executed in Toad do not get audited. Is there something else I need to do to get Toad to audit data?

If you enable auditing in the database, everything will get recorded, it’s
not application specific

What tables have you set DML auditing for? BTW, if you have the DB Admin module,
you can see the audit settings and audit trail data in the Schema Browser for
each object.

Are you logging into TOAD as either SYSDBA or SYSOPER? That equates to connect
username/password@sid as SYSDBA. Because if so then you need to set init.ora
parameter – read below:

AUDIT_SYS_OPERATIONS enables or disables the auditing of top-level operations,
which are SQL statements directly issued by users when connecting with SYSDBA or
SYSOPER privileges. (SQL statements run from within PL/SQL procedures or
functions are not considered top-level.) The audit records are written to the
operating system’s audit trail. The audit records will be written in XML format
if the AUDIT_TRAIL initialization parameter is set to xml or xml, extended .

On UNIX platforms, if the AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL parameter has also been set, then
it overrides the AUDIT_TRAIL parameter and SYS audit records are written to the
system audit log using the SYSLOG utility.

Unless you connect as sysdba or sysoper (top level status) – and for some
unknown reason toad users seem to pick this on their connections 100x more than
is really necessary …

I almost wish we had a warning on such connections – hmmm, might put that
idea on the pond J