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Authorization error when viewing Constraints tab


Hello, everyone. I’m using Toad for IBM DB2 Freeware v6.1.0.125 LUW, and when I view the Constraints, Indexes or Script tab for any table, I get an exception due to the fact that I don’t have authorization to perform operation “EXECUTE” on object “SYSPROC.SNAP_GET_SWITCHES”. However, the indexes and constraints are still retrieved.

Since there is no way I will be getting that authorization (I’m a developer, not a DBA), I’m wondering if there is any way to configure my version of Toad so that this is not executed when selecting these tabs, since I don’t appear to need whatever information it’s fetching anyway.

I realize I’m just using the freeware version and have no expectation of any kind of support or help, but I thought I would beg anyway. I recently began working in a new job with really poor db tools, and this freeware version is keeping me sane.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.