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DB2 LUW Restricted database - Permissions to be granted for READ / SELECT access using TOAD



We created a DB2 restrictive database and trying to grant permissions for READ / SELECT ONLY Unix group so they have minimum level of access and yet are able to SELECT from application objects / tables. Does anyone know what are the system objects (we are fine with application objects) to which access needs to be granted? Checked with IBM and they are asking to contact TOAD for list. Temporarily granted DATAACCESS capability in dev to the READ / SELECT group, but that is too much access for this group.

OS - Linux

DB2 LUW version - 10.5

Toad data Point

Thanks for your time!


Hello voorkey,

If you go to Tools | Execution Trace and select To File all the SQL queries executed by Toad Data Point will be recorded (including background queries). If you then click on Show Logfile, you will see these queries and you can set permissions with respect to these queries and objects which are used.