Auto Debugger Issue Discovered

I have the following IF in a Function in a Package:

      IF v_Updates_Available > 0                          --If Updates Available
         -- Update records in MEDLKPADM.IE_UNMET_NEEDS_LKP
            SET ( CID ) =
                      SELECT DISTINCT IC.NEW_CID
                        FROM MEDLKPADM.IE_INACTIVE_CID_V01 IC
                       WHERE     IC.CID = UN.CID
                             AND IC.TABLE_NAME = 'IE_UNMET_NEEDS_LKP'
          WHERE EXISTS
                   (SELECT 1
                      FROM MEDLKPADM.IE_INACTIVE_CID_V01 IC
                     WHERE     IC.CID = UN.CID
                           -- Verify a New CID was Found
                           AND IC.NEW_CID IS NOT NULL
                           AND IC.TABLE_NAME = 'IE_UNMET_NEEDS_LKP'
                           -- Verify the Update would not cause a PK Error
                           -- PK is PRODUCT, CID
                           AND NOT EXISTS
                                  (SELECT 1
                                     FROM MEDLKPADM.TEMP_IE_UNMET_NEEDS_LKP sUN
                                    WHERE     UN.PRODUCT = sUN.PRODUCT
                                          AND IC.NEW_CID = sUN.CID));

         -- COMMIT Changes
      END IF;                                             --If Updates Available

I was hit the Apply Auto Debugger because I am working on a different Function in the Package, but once applied it a series of output statements right before the WHERE in the UPDATE statement as shown below making the statement invalid:

This is easy enough for me to manually delete this block of outputs and get on with what I am doing, but thought I should let you know. Luckily in this Package this is the only code causing an inappropriate debug block to be created.

Let me know if you need any additional info.

I can reproduce it and will log it. Thanks

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