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Auto increment in Logical Model


It would be nice to have an auto increment property for the attributes in the logical model.
While converting to a SqlServer model this can be set to an identity column, and if yo convert it to an Oracle db model, then a sequence and a trigger could be generated.
Is that a possibility?


Hello Jan,

Now it’s not possible.
Thanks for your suggestion. We will discuss this issue. I’ve entered your request to our system. - CR # 41 055.


Vladka + TDM Team


i’m super interested in a feature like this… while i understand that defining “auto increment” or sequences for columns as elements of an entity of a logical model isn’t technically appropriate. I thiink that adding a property for an entity to denote whether a PK is a “meaningless system generated value”. could then be used by the conversions scripts to implement auto incrementing or sequencing.


Thanks for your remarks and suggestion. We will consider it (added to the CR 41 055).



Vladka + TDM Team


any chance it wil be implemented in the version you are currently working with ?

we also look forward to this feature !





I’ve just checked out status of the CR, it’s still open.
I’ll try to find out some more details… and will write you back.




Hi all,

Let me update the information.

Unfortunately, the CR 41 055 will not be resolved in upcoming full version 3.3.x.
We will consider it for next version. Thanks.

Have a nice day.



How about 3.4.???



Very sorry, not in 3.4 and not in 3.5.
We will consider it for v. 3.6. Thanks for your patience!