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Enabling sequences for the "Universal" Model?


is it possible to allow the definition of sequences in the “Universal” model type by configuring the underlying packages somehow?

We are only targeting databases that support sequences (and nowadays nearly all do have them in one way or the other), so we would like to have that available in the Universal type already (also because we are using that to generate our Liquibase changeset from).

The same is true for the “boolean” datatype (as that is also a ANSI standard type) - but that can be easily solved by creating our own datatype.

It’s ok for me if I need to “clone” the existing definition, change it and add it under a new name to my installation.


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Hi Thomas,

why don’t you start with a model for Oracle and keep it as a base model and then do conversions to other target databases? TDM offers better management / conversion for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL models and converts sequences to autoinrements or identities automatically.



Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that.

But this is also a more general question as well: is there a way to create my own “database” definition based on one of the existing ones?

(another example would be to add a generic “Autoincrement” attribute to an attribute definition that would be converted to the proper sequence definition in Oracle or PostgreSQL)


unfortunately not.