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auto run oracle query and send results as text file

Is there a way in TOAD for Oracle to create a scheduled job that will run a query and send the results somewhere as a text file?

Thanks for any ideas.

This is the Toad Data Point forum. In this product you can do all kinds of things in an automation fashion with the Automation Scripting feature. Please see these videos. Toad for Oracle also does something similar but you would need to post on their forum to get assistance for that product.…/TDPVideo.html

Thanks, I didn’t realize I was in the wrong forum. I’ll post my question in TOAD for Oracle.

I’m using Toad Data Point and have the same question. I have an automation script that is suppose to execute a sql file, clean the data (filter rows), then I would like to export that clean file as a txt. file on a file server. However, the transform and cleanse activity doesnt allow to export to txt. and the export wizard will not allow you to select the csv. file as a source. Do you have a solution that would take my clean csv. file and turn it into a txt?

Why don’t you write your clean data to a table (trucate and reload each time) or temp table and then export from the table to .txt file? Also you can create a connection to a csv file and use that as a data source for the export wizzard. You would need have a generic name for your csv file and the column structure would have to be the same everytime you create the csv file. Create the csv file once, rename it to say currentFile.csv then create the connection to that file. Your process can then overwrite that csv file each time and then export to a txt file from the connection for the currenFile.csv. The key is the name, location and structure of the csv file has to remain constant.