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Automate: Select to File in Toad for Data Analysts


I am using Toad for Data Analysts (v. and I have a question about the Select to File option for the Automate section.

I am connecting to an Oracle database. My task is to run ~300 separate queries and export the results from each to its own CSV file. I’ve tried creating the Automate routine (see attached), but when I try to run it for a subset of the 300 (e.g. like the 10 in the screenshot), the Automate action fails and I receive the following error from Oracle:

ORA-02391: Exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit

Not sure what to do now. Are the queries being executed in parallel or series by the Automate module? Is there a better way to do this task?

Thank you!



In you environment you are restricted to a specific number of connections. Toad for Data Analysts uses several connections. Try restarting TDA but do not connect to Oracle. Open your automation script and run. It will start a connection just for the automation. This should keep you under your limit.

Usually TDA uses atleast 3 connections. You may need to ask your IT/DBA to increase your session connection count.