Multiple Individual SQL Scripts to 1 Results File on Each Excel Tab and Automation Tour Execute Script Error

Hello all. I am new to Toad Data Point automation. The version of Toad data point I have is Base Edition Patent Pending. It is hosted on Citrix at our organization.

I have 20 separate sql file scripts. Instead of spending the time and putting all files together into 1 giant unreadable sql file, I would to run all these queries and output a single Excel file with the results of each query on each tab. Each tab would be named according to the query name or something similar.

I have spent a few hours getting familiar with Toad data point and googling to try to find a likewise post out there, but the ones I find have all the sql statements in one file I would much rather not do that because one big file would be difficult to read and maintain overall considering the long, large queries.

Also, when trying the automation tour on executing a script. I found there is no option available to select a results destination. Odd. Connection details have been greyed by me.

You sound like you are familiar enough with Toad Automation to go straight to the designer and start building your scripts.
Here are a few videos also that will help.

What you describe is very easy. Use the Select To File activity. Have the first activity Overwrite any existing file and then all the rest use the same file but not overwrite. Chose the option to append worksheet or just enter the Name of the worksheet you want the results to go.