Automation - creating new tab in Excel every time automated job is executed

Hello everyone.

I need to create an automated job with monthly extract of the data. Every time (e.g. first of the month) the job is executed new tab is to be created with last month's data. Is it possible? The query itself extracts data for last month. Any assistance/tips are appreciated.

See Snap below... once you create your automation flow, there's a tool bar button that allows you to schedule your automation job on your Workstation. Alternatively, if you are using Toad Intelligence Central (TIC), you can "publish" your automation job on TIC, and define a run schedule for it (executes end-of-month, for example.) So if you're vacationing out of country during the end of the month, your data gets refreshed/created automatically. No need to take the laptop to the Bahamas... :slight_smile:

thank you so much! I have created a test job and scheduled. Keeping my fingers crossed.