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Execute multiple TDP templates (txp) in sequence (or possibly parallel)

Hello everyone,

I’m a new user to Toad Data Point

We’ve created many TDP templates (file extension TXP) to do data extracts from our transactional system.

If we have a logical grouping of TXPs for a given day, for example on Monday we’ll execute 6 templates. Is there a way to create an execution script to run manually (or scheduler script) that runs all 6 templates for Monday?









Thank you

Build and schedule an automation script. i have lots of tutorials on how to get started and accomplish specific tasks.

Thank you Debbie, I was able to automate several extraction templates (TXPs).

Have you any suggestions for scheduling jobs in TDP over citrix?

We’re limited to using TDP over citrix and all output files need to placed on our clients, which I assume would be impossible to do since the proposed scheduled job would run in the middle of the night without anyone connected to citrix.

Have you ran into this issue before? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.

You could see if IT would set up a separate server for Toad Intelligence Central and schedule and run the scripts there. The Community edition supports this and is license free.

Thanks for the suggestion Debbie, we’ll investigate if the CITRIX folks can stand up a TOAD IC server and present it to us via citrix. Much appreciated.