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Automation Designer question

Hi all,
I have next situation. I am using Toad for Oracle Expert version with Add-ons: DB Admin Module.
I have just started to use Automation Designer and at the beginning I have next question.
I have created Test1 folder with App1 application inside it.
App1 is consist of 3 actions:

  2. Data Pump Export
  3. Generate Database Script

I have started the testing of this App1 by pressing Run command, but I have seen that 3. action has been started even the Data Pump Export didn’t finished. How to start 3. action just after finishing 2) Data Pump Export.
I know that the Data Pump Export is executing on the Database Server side and that I can start export with data pump and close my client expdp, but I can after a while see what is happening with my export.
It’s looks like that for Toad to start 3. action is enough to just start 2) Data pump export.