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Hi All,

I'm currently using Toad for Oracle 11.6
I'm trying to schedule a script with Automation Designer but hit a bit of a issue.
If i run it manually it works perfectly but if i try to schedule it in Toad it errors out when i put my Psw.

So i tried a different approach create a task Scheduler in windows and again I'm able to open the Toad application with the scheduler using the command C:\Quest\Software\Toad for Oracle 11.6\toad.exe and it works.

My question is how to i do that so that when toad opens it runs the job in the Automation Designer i created?

I attached the two print screens hope you can see them.

Thanks in advance for your help
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You're going to need a batch command line flag that helps Toad understand which Automation script you want to execute. Fortunately, Toad creates the Task Scheduler entry for you with the button shown below. See also the product Help file and search for "command line" for more info about command line flags that Toad supports.

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Hi Gary,

First of all i want to thank you for taking the time to look at this.
its not the first time you help me. And you do help more than my companies DBA team.

It worked i got the info i needed to schedule the jobs. Now that i can do this i can finally stop using my XP PC ( Yes i had this with an old version of toad as i didnt know how to do this set up).

Once again Thank you for your help
Stay safe
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Hi Gary

One last question if i may.
In the old oracle we had file called ToadActions.dat file with all the automatic setup.
do you know if such a file exists for this version of toad?

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Hi @ruiventura1511

Any version of Toad with the automation designer has a file called ToadActions.dat. That file contains all of the actions that you create in the automation designer.


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Hi John,

Do you know were it is located? is it called ToadActions.dat?
I searched all of my c drive and didnt find it.

Thank you
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  1. Go to Toad Options
  2. Click on "General" on the left, then "Open Folder" on the right. A windows explorer window will open.
  3. Shut down Toad. Never do anything in the User Files folder while Toad is running.
  4. In the Windows Explorer window that opened in step 2, browse into the User Files folder.
  5. ToadActions.dat is in that folder.