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Automation Email Enhancements

I have both my Test and Production TDP Automations sending emails. Can you make the email integration for the FROM Address so it will accept an address with an Alias. The actual address I always use in and I use that for a whole series of tools that generate emails. When using the SMTP Email interface directly in Oracle I can use a FROM address like "{USER} on {INSTANCE} <NoReply@{company}.com>" and the emails I receive look like this:

With a meaningful From Address it is very easy to create rules to process the emails and quickly identify in the preview window what tool/environment is generating the message so you immediately know how important it is.

I have tried entering different variations of the following in TDP as the From Address:


Every combination of single / double quotes I have tried leaves me with an error like this:

I am using the same SMTP Server for all my tools so I know it does not have an issue with including an Alias.

I guess worst case I could use something much less elegant like:

Lastly, can you expose the Script Name set in the Settings block of each Automation as a variable so it could be included easily in the email Subject Line instead of hard coding it as text and having to remember to change it when the Script Name gets modified.


On that same line of thought, it would be nice if the default Subject for the Error emails was configurable in the setting/options or was set to "Automation Script Error - #RUN_MODE# - #{Variable for Script Name}#".

Just my 2 ₵...