Using variable in the From field of an email activity

Hello, I am just updating an automation script as I have had issues with TDA not sending out emails and I think it is due to the account that is used in the from field.

So as I was doing this I thought I would use a variable, so I could quickly replace it in future if needed, as I had succesfully used in the To field. However when I do this although I still get the email (oddly enough) it is listed as the variable reference, i.e. #Email_from# and not an actual email address.

To prove I had set it up correctly I added this same variable reference in the CC field and this worked but the from address did not change. Is it possible to use a variable in this field or is that functionality witheld?

I have included a screenshot of the email setup and the email output so you can see what I am doing, if this helps!




Actually, you are right. I only handle variables on the To and CC. No problem to add. CR76,555.


P.S. Good to hear from you:)

Ok thanks Debbie, thought I was going mad at one point!

Cheers Glenn