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Automation generating bad results from Date data


Automation Logging:09/22/2009 2:08:31 PM: Variable “Date_Rels” set to “#CompleteOrders.Date_Rels#”

Automation Logging:09/22/2009 2:08:31 PM: Variable value = Syntax error

Is this a known bug? Workaround?

In my automation script, I am setting variables, running a query on an Oracle db, then looping thru the query results to deliver output data to an email. The char() data resolves OK, but when I use date data I get strange results.
For example,
to_char(CREATION_DATE,‘MON-DD-YYYY’) Date_Rels
produces a numeric value based on the sum: (-dd -yyyy). Changing to ‘DD-MON-YYYY’ gives similar results.
See attachment for example.

If I use just the database attribute CREATION_DATE without converting to char, I get an error:


to_char(sysdate, ‘MONTH DD YYYY’) mydate

Okay, I checked into this. I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news --> your right. String dates are getting garbled. I am using some VB script to evaluate expressions. And any character such as ‘/’ or ‘-’ corrupts the string.

The only work around I found to work is to not use any of these characters. You would have to use a date value like SEPTEMBER 22 2009

This of course needs to be fixed, so I have entered CR 67,164 to be corrected in the next minor release.

Thanks for brining to my attention.



Okay this date issue as well as other items detailed in Cr 67,164 are now fixed and will be in the next Beta.