Weird Variable Bug

This is really weird.

I have a very simple SQL-based variable to return a date format:

When I run this in a TDA editor, I get the expected value of ‘2012-04-03’ (for today).

But when I run this in the automated script, it sets the value to ‘2005’. It appears that the automation is subtracting the MM and DD from the YYYY when setting the value of the variable.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this shouldn’t be happening?

This appears to be a bug with 3.0 as running the same thing in an automation script in the 3.1 beta results in the expected value.

Is there a release date for 3.1 yet? I’ve been told not to roll out the 3.1 beta to production as too many reports are business critical. It’s been stable for my use, but I like my job so I do as I’m told.

Release date for TDA 3.1 is today. I’ve just announced it.