Automation Script - Commit

Was happening in 2.7 and still now in 3.0.

Have Automation script with three tasks.

Insert SQL query
Update SQL query.

In the log notes at bottom is says both queries return 0 records.

After completing when I query the related tables the Insert and Updates do not appear.

However, if I reconnect to the Database in the connection area I am prompted to commit changes. When I accept and reconnect, the inserts and updates appear.

How and where can I make the sql changes seamless/commit without having to reconnect.

Again, the log says the queries return 0 records.


Your description of your issue doesn’t ring any bells. Have I looked at your scripts before? Can you send me your scripts and all dependant files? I will take a look. Please include a verbose log file and the select, insert, delete scripts. I will take a look. (Also, what database are you connected to and how do you connect? Please send your connections.xml)


“Auto Commit” was turned off.

I turned it on and the Automation script did commit the updates.

I’m not sure if I want Auto commit ON across every editor connection, but I’ll cross that bridge later.

Thanks and I’ll review the log from now as a first stab.


You could add commit to the script you are running instead and leave Auto Commit off. Give that a try.