automation using bind variables

Can toad use the automation tool with bind variables for other fields aside from date ranges?

Does anyone know if this is something that will be considered in near future releases?

I’ve got a client who needs to run a couple of sql scripts that use the same variables. I was hoping we could automate the running of the scripts with just one pass of the variables. Is this likely to be possible using toad for data analysis?

As far as I know this is a planned feature for sometime after the 4.0 release (Which is currently in feature freeze). I know this has been discussed a lot internally as well so it will probably be added to the 4.1 release.


Thanks for the update:)

Would we happen to have a time frame where I can tell the client to expect the new feature?

Most likely Q1/Q2 of next year. We have this feature on the list for the next version, but the actual release date hasn’t been determined yet.

– Daniel