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Toad Automation Scripts

I inherited about 20 queries that have to be run every day in Toad (version for DB2 on z/OS and we manually email the results to various business users. Most of the queries have a date parameter we update every day before running.

I’m trying to use Toad automation scripts to automate this process. I plan to make each of the 20 queries into separate Toad automation scripts. I’d like to have a “master” automation script that would prompt me for the needed dates, then it would call each of the 20 and pass them the dates provided.

I’ve run into several problems, so I’m starting to wonder if what I’m trying to do is possible or feasible? Does anyone out there use Toad Automation Scripts and if so have you done anything like this, or do you have any suggestions or tips?

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Mimi,

I use automation scripts in a similar way to you. We have several queries that run every day and get saved as excels to a a public share. You can add the date as a suffix to the file that is saved, but we had a problem with the time format.

With the help of Jeff, I was able to use a workaround which included assigning the current time / date to a variable at the beggining of the automation script.

It took me an hour to fiddle with it to figure out how to get it going, but it is was time very well spent becuase I learned how to define variables for selects or updates that I run quite often.

I’ll try to find the post and put a link here.