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AV when close of SB window

AV occurs on close of schema browser window, before the refresh of RHS process is completed.

I selected Triggers from drop down list in LHS, and I set a SB filter to display only Disabled triggers. After I cleared the filter on the toolbar (with Clear filters for triggers command) I immediately closed the SB window, before Toad finished refreshing of RHS. This is where I get the AV error.

Which version are you using? This was something that I fixed for version 14.1.

14.1 GA and this is also a problem in the latest 14.2 beta

Does it only happen after you use the filter?

after i clear the filter and Toad performes a refresh on the SB

Right, but if you leave the filter alone, then just it refresh, and close, does it happen that way too? Also, if you get a call stack, please post it.

The AV doesn't happen if I let Toad to finish the refresh process on the SB window, and I close the window in the 'normal' state.
I sent you the call stack, offline.

one more thing i haven't mentioned yet: i use the Ctrl+F4 shortcut to close the SB window

Thanks. I got the email.
I can't reproduce it, but the call stack makes sense and I have an idea of how to fix it.
I believe that it will not happen if you turn off the object type images as in my screen shot


It seems ok. If I turn off this option I was unable to reproduce the AV.

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