.BAT file execution unsuccessful from Automation Script / Run Program optio

I am trying to trigger from an Automation Script a simple BAT file that will copy a group of files . The script appears to run with no error, but the files are not copied.
The BAT file works on its own however. The logging shows no apparent error. What can be done to fix this? See attachment.

GoneBATty.ppt (123 KB)

Well, that was a bit baffling. It appears that XCOPY works fine for me in my development environment but not in the release build. I can’t quite determine why.

The COPY command does work and can be used instead.

I entered CR71,900 to look into this later. (Since COPY is a workaround for now)
And CR71,846 to add the ability to use a wild card in our Copy File activity. (You really should be able to do this in the Copy File activity)

Thanks for spotting this.