Beta 17.0.34,1788 updates to


I am currently using Beta 17.x. When I get the message that there is a new version of the beta, I try to go get it. However, the "New Update Available" dialog says that the current version is 16.3.x

I put in a bug report when I upgraded to 16.2 that will not be fixed until release 17.x which I why I am using that beta. Otherwise, I would still be using 16.1. Is it a case of not upgrading to successive betas which I seem to be on the wrong track.

Appreciate the advice on what to do. BTW, the 17.x beta seems to have the fix to the issue I was having.


Thank you.


We had to change the version number. 16.3 has all of the changes that were in 17.0.

Thank you for the prompt response.

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