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Git Provider added to Source Control:

Source control support for Git has been added. Toad handles standard check-ins, check-outs, and adds to a locally stored Git repository.

To enable set Options-Source Control-Version Control System (VCS) – Default VCS to Git.

Click ‘Settings…’ to configure the Git client. The following settings options are available.

  •    Git client – path to the installed Git client.
  •     Automatically Login to the default Git Repository – hides the Toad Git login window if the default repository is set.
  •     Allow Toad login to update repository user and email – updates the Git repository username and email if set.
  •     Commit Comments – Sets default comment for commits if none are specified in the check-in dialog.


  • Git client for windows must be installed. Tested on Git 1.8.3.mysysgit.0.
  • Toad provides no mechanism to push local changes to a remote server, pull remote repository changes to local repository or to merge differences with remote version.
  • Toad immediately commits local changes to the local repository on check-ins or adds.
  • Toad treats sub-directories in the Git local repository a Projects/Modules. This is similar to how Toad handles modules in other providers such as SVN and CVS.