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Beta Notes

Team Coding/Source Control

Added internal support for cloning, pulling, and pushing from remote repositories for distributed version control providers such as Git and Mercurial. Also added support for initializing new local repositories from within Toad.

New Repositories

To initialize a new or clone a remote repository:

  1. Make sure you have a credential manager enabled on your local machine (see below)
  2. Open Toad, go into the Team Coding’s settings and select Git or Mercurial as your provider
  3. Click the “Logon to VCS” button to login.
  4. On the login window, select “New”
  5. In the Create Repository window, select whether to “Initialize a new repository” or “Clone an existing repository”. If the latter, enter the repository URL and any command-line options to pass
  6. Select a working folder and press OK.
    Pull/Push Operations

Pull and push operations have been added to both the Team Coding main menu (you may need to reset your menus to see them), the Team Coding Manager’s toolbar, and the Team Coding Manager’s right-click context menu. There are two options:

  1. The standard option will automatically pull/push using the default remote
  2. The custom option will allow you to select the remote on which to perform the pull/push action

Git 2.7.3 and higher include a built-in credential manager for Windows that you can enable to securely manage your credentials for clone/pull/push operations. Credentials are stored in Windows Credential Manager. To enable this option, type:

C:\> git config --global credential.helper manager

Mercurial has multiple options for storing credentials either in plain text (.hgrc or Mercurial.ini) or using extensions (such as KeyringExtension). Whatever you choose is a matter of personal preference; however, Toad will need the user and password stored in a credential manager to automatically pull/push from a remote repository requiring authentication.

Team Coding/Source Control

Added support for using personal access tokens with Visual Studio Team Services

Team Coding/Source Control

Added support for materialized views in Team Coding.

note: Make sure you have the proper privileges assigned for creating / altering materialized views

Its buggy already.

Opening a connection get msg: Invalid Release – but it opens

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