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Beta Notes
Code Analysis : Rule 4404
Code Analysis : Rule 4404 (“Avoid unlabeled END of program units and packages.”) no longer labels the END of a TYPE BODY.

Code Analysis: Rule 2131
Code Analysis: Rule 2131 (“Use CONSTANT keyword wherever possible.”) no longer fires when the variable is an instance of a type.

Formatter options to control alias auto-aligning.
Adding options to control auto-aligning of column aliases and table references introduced in QP5 version 5.294 (early 12.9 beta).

        For new users (new options file) the new options will default to "enabled". For existing users the options will default to "disabled", to avoid regression with Toad 12.8 (QP5 version 5.293).

Known formatter regression to Toad 12.8.
Known formatter regression to Toad 12.8: Folding of assignments is too aggressive. This will be addressed in the next drop of component QP5.

Sorry to say that but PLEASE AVOID THIS BETA.

Formatting in is BROKEN in that your formatter options are not taken into account. Something wrong happened in the interfacing between components.

We’ll fix this asap.