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Beta Notes

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

Oracle Deep Parser

Fix: Nested CASE expression was not parsed well

Fix: TYPE keyword may be used as a table alias in SELECT statement

Code Analysis

New: Rule 2505 ("Always use CASE instead of NVL2 if parameter 2 or 3 of NVL2 is either a function call or a SELECT statement")

Change: Due to the removal of the outdating and increasingly problematic component QP5CA.dll the following rules had to be removed:
Rule 2601 ("This local cursor may not always be closed when leaving its scope.")
Rule 2603 ("Avoid procedure or function calls between a SQL operation and an implicit cursor test.")
Rule 2606 ("The cursor you are referencing may or may not be open.")
Rule 2607 ("The cursor you are referencing is already open.")
Rule 2608 ("The cursor you are referencing will never be open.")
Rule 3801 ("Use RETURN as the last statement in a function.")
Rule 6407 ("Ensure item is defined in as deep a scope as possible.")
Rule 6801 ("Ensure all statements can be reached (dead code).")

These rules will be replaced by XPath based equivalent as soon as possible.

New: Rule 6737 ("Avoid virtual columns to be visible.")

New: Rule 6739 ("Use deferred constraints only when absolutely necessary.")

Sensitive Data Search

An "Examples" edit box has been added to the Sensitive Data Protection Rules window, and a "Test" button has been added to the toolbar on the window. These will allow you to test custom rules using a comma-delimited list of sample values.