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Beta Notes

Kill Session

Added the ability to kill the session of a long-running query in the Editor. If the “Execute queries in threads” option is enabled, you can kill the session by clicking the new dropdown arrow next to the cancel button in the Editor. If “Execute queries in threads” is disabled, there is a new Kill Session button on the cancel dialog. Required privileges are ALTER SYTEM and SELECT on V$SESSION.

Team Coding

A new option has been added to the “User Settings” page of the Team Coding Administration window: “Log Team Coding messages to the output window”. This option will be checked by default. Leaving this option checked will cause Team Coding to continue outputting notifications to the output window as it currently has. This option allows you to turn off notifications entirely if you don’t wish to see them.

In addition, enabling the “Log VCS Commands in the output window” now ties the VCS commands and responses to their respective database session, rather than lumping all sessions’ VCS commands into a single tab. This should better help see what’s going on behind the scenes with each Team Coding action.