Session Difficulties

I’m having some interesting session issues in TOAD today, but have dealt with similar ones in the past. First problem is that I had opened a describe window for a view and clicked on the data tab. After waiting longer than I wanted, I cancelled the query using the cancel button. Now, at least a half hour later, I have killed the original session and at least three new sessions that have started for that exact same query.

In the meantime, I killed the session in a separate thread using a stored procedure the DBAs gave my team for killing sessions. The procedure finished successfully, and the Session Browser no longer shows the session or any other session running the command, but TOAD doesn’t seem to realize the process is done.

I’m going to have to ALT-CTRL-DEL to close TOAD in order to get things back in order now.

Is there a possibility that we can have a way to tell TOAD a query is done and to stop waiting and is there a way to not have TOAD automatically open new sessions when an existing session has been killed?

Thank you!

Phyllis Helton

BI MIddleware Engineer

Cru | Technology
Office :phone: 407-515-4452