Beta Released (

**Editor - Bind and substitution variables: **Bind and substitution variables can be mapped to environment variables. In the Variables dialog if “Literal” is checked the value you typed is used. If “Environment Variable” is checked the value you type is treated as the name of an environment variable. The value of the variable is used when the query is executed. Simply use the name of the variable, do not wrap it in %'s. Example: If the value of PATH is desired check “Environment Variable” and enter PATH as the value.

**Automation Designer - Export Dataset: **Bind/substitution variable support added. It supports mapping variables to environment variables as mentioned above. On the “Dataset” tab when the exported dataset is a query click the “Set Variables” button to set values for any bind/substitution variables in your query.

**Schema and Database Comparison: **Summary is now in an HTML format - a similar format to saved database health check results.

**Support for Team Foundation Server 2013: **Added support for MS Team Foundation Server 2013.