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Automation Designer: Export Dataset not using Env Variables

Oracle 18.0

Short AD App: (2 Actions, with a message for checking)


(both &start_date and &end_date use the appropriate Environment Variable)

When I run the script in the Editor, and put literals of '06/01/2021' and '08/31/2021' in respectively, it returns tons of rows. But the [Export Dataset] doesn't return any rows.

Am I using the Environment Variables incorrectly?

You're so close.

In the "Variables" dialog of export dataset, you need to specify the query iterator variable as %Qtr_IT.START_DATE%. You are missing the % signs, and I think it's case sensitive too.

And when you run the action - run the query iterator action, not the actions under it (Looks like you are doing that already, just thought I'd add it for completeness)

I really appreciate your TOAD notes on Dropbox.
On page 3 of Automation Designer - Passing variables to Export Dataset it shows the above. (no %)

Got it to work. It was both the % and the fact that I was using the same variable in both substitution variables.

:man_facepalming: You'd think I was a rookie at SQL doing that kind of dumb.

I'm glad the stuff in my dropbox was (mostly) helpful. I'll update it. Thanks.