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**Execute Script on New Connection: **A sub-option has been added to the script to execute on new connection feature. In View|Options|Startup there is a checkbox to also execute that script for each new session that is created as a result of threaded query execution. The default is unchecked. The script will execute in the background and provide no indication of success, but if there are any errors raised you’ll be notified with the ability to look at the script output.

**Oracle 12c: **Resource Plans and Groups - Schema Browser RHS, Scripts, and Create/Alter dialogs have been updates so these object types are up to date with Oracle 12c.

Script Generation Options: There are new options in Export DDL and in Generate Schema Script to include result_cache, flash_cache, and cell_flash_cache. You can now specify that these are always included, never included, or only included when non-default.