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Beta Notes

Export Dataset

You can now specify a source file for your SQL text in Export Dataset.

Database Browser


Snapshots of pluggable databases are now shown in the Database Browser. You can drop and create snapshots manually, or create a new pluggable database from a snapshot.

Create/Alter DB Objects Database Browser


The following features are new in Create Pluggable Database:

  1. On the “Storage” step: Max audit Size (12cR2 and newer)
  2. On the “Storage” step: Max diag size (12cR2 and newer)
  3. New step at the end - Snapshots (18c). You can set it up to take snapshots on regular intervals, manually, or not at all.
  4. On the “Source” step: Create Pluggable Database Using Snapshot (18c)

When I let TOAD download the current beta version, there will always be and

Hi Stefan - this is a known issue. Please update the beta by going to the overview page to download the latest: