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Beta Released (


  • Sharded and Duplicated tables are now supported in create/alter table window.
  • Tablespace sets now supported in create/alter tablespace
  • Shard parameter now supported or sequences
  • Export Dataset: multiple select statements is now supported from 'SQL TExt" source

Bug Fixes:

  • Export Dataset: SQL File with formatter comments causes error
  • Export Dataset: Data Masking when exporting to merge or XLS Instance Format was broken
  • Describe Package: Navigator not updated after Toggle Spec/Body
  • Policies (and others) disabled if DBMS_JAVA does not exist
  • Other internal bug fixes

I have notices a weird display anomaly when initially connecting to a Database while Team Coding and Unit Test pinned to the left of my screen. After launching toad all looks fine, but when I connect to my first DB, I get the remnant of a panel on the left side. If I click on either of the minimized tools on the left it clears it up.

** I just installed and am not seeing this issue any more.