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Beta Notes


Sensitive Data Search

Added a sensitive data search feature which can help to identify and secure potentially sensitive information within the database. This can aid in research and resolution for PCI, DSS, or GDPR compliance measures. Searches are based on regular expressions that are applied to column names and/or sample data extracted from the database.

A basic set of search rules is included, and additional user rules can be added as needed to support customer-specific data or database naming conventions.

This feature can be run as part of an automation process from within the Automation Designer to search for sensitive data and generate reports; or it can be run in interactive mode from the Database -> Reports menu. In the interactive mode, it will present the results as part of the wizard and provide shortcuts to add policies to columns with sensitive data if desired.

note: since searches are based on regular expressions, they can sometimes lead to false positives. For example, US-based zip codes generally contain 5 digits (with optional plus-4 naming conventions). This could match other numeric values that are also five digits in length.

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

  • Updating the parser with the remaining latest 12g Release 2.
  • Oracle 18c support for expressions and functions (such as of the form: APPROX_, JSON_ and TO_UTC_TIMESTAMP_TZ).
  • Oracle 18c support for all ALTER statements.