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GDPR Support offering

Added a Sensitive Data Protection monitoring feature in Toad. When enabled, this feature will continually monitor SQL statements as you type in the editor. If you reference a potentially sensitive data column, Toad will notify you via an orange squiggly underline in the editor. The purpose of this feature is to help make it easier to monitor and protect potentially sensitive data during normal every-day tasks.

If you hover over the column, a hint will popup and show details on the column’s encryption, audit policy, and redaction policy statuses (if available). If you right-click on the column, a new “Sensitive Data Protection” menu option will appear in the context menu to allow you to add those options if desired.

This feature will also monitor for potentially sensitive columns within the Create and Alter Table windows. If a potentially sensitive column is found, a notification indicator will be shown to let you know the column may contain sensitive data and provide you options to secure the data within it.

You can enable this option by going to the “Sensitive Data -> General” page of the options window and selecting “Enable Sensitive Data Protection” within the “Monitoring” box. The search rules for matching column names can be found in the “Sensitive Data -> Search Rules” page of the options window.