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Beta Notes

Export Table as Flat File

Export Table as Flat File window has undergone a GUI update.

The exported files are the same, except now Intervals and Timestamps are supported in the SQL*Loader file.

The GUI will now allow you to include/exclude columns by checking/unchecking, and start/end positions of remaining columns are updated automatically when you do that.

Schema Browser

Schema Browser now optionally includes an indicator for Invalid Synonyms. It can be enabled in Schema Browser’s filter. It is an option because loading this information requires joining DBA_SYNONYMS to DBA_OBJECTS, which might be slow for some users.

Also added is SB-Synonyms -> Right-click -> Compile.

Compare Databases Create/Alter DB Objects Export DDL

Oracle 18c Support

Tablespaces can now be created with the content type of “Lost Write Protection” (this is called a shadow tablespace).

In addition, you can turn lost write protection on/off (or suspend it) for a permanent or undo tablespace.

You can read about Shadow Tablespaces here:

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

Fix (QP 2963) : Restoring parser performance which degraded slightly in QP5.317.

New (QP 2932) : Greatly enhanced syntax recovery at clause and token level.

Fix (QP 2978) : ALTER TABLE: partitioning clauses (sub)partition names can be nested within parentheses (undocumented).

Create/Alter DB Objects

Create/Alter Tablespaces

Default Storage and Extent Management controls have been moved to a separate tab.

Compare Databases Export DDL Schema Browser

Oracle 18c Support

Users can now be created with the “No Authentication” clause.

These users can be used as schemas in that they can contain objects, but cannot be used to log into the database.

In Toad, this is supported in SB-Users-Scripts, Export DDL, Create/alter user, and compare databases.

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)


  • Queries: FETCH FIRST ROW ONLY now supported


  • SqlPlus text is no longer formatted; it will be copied “as is”.
    Code Analysis

  • Rule 5916 (“Beware of and avoid implicit date/timestamp conversions.”) Changed “data type” to “date/timestamp”, and examples adjusted. (QP 2817)

  • Rewrite of 43 CA rules, resulting in a 30% speed increase.

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)


New (QP 2830) : Formatter options, Newline tab: New option to ensure a newline near the end of the formatted file. Default value is unchecked, preserving the old behavior.

Code Analysis

Fix (QP 2809) : Rule 5406 (“Remove unused parameters or modify code to use the parameter.”) rewritten for performance (about 25 times faster on a big Oracle package).

Fix (QP 2887) : Rule 6740 (“Assigning variable to itself (A := A).”) did not work for tab(1) := other_tab(1).

Fix (QP 2277) : Rule 6724 (“Check on PL/SQL block label matching.”) did not work well for packages.

New rule 6746 (“This identifier has the name of a built-in function or package.”)