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Beta Notes

Internal Bug Fixes

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New in this beta:
XMLTYPE is now editable in the popup editor. You still have to cast it to CLOB with .GetClobVal() or XMLSerialize.

Edit: as of later betas, you no longer have to cast the XMLTYPE to CLOB yourself - Toad will do that behind the scenes.

Oh wow, this is amazing. I did not read that post until now. Just tested this and it works great. Saves a lot of time copying data to CLOB columns and converting it back to XMLTYPE after editing :+1:

And you even get it converted implicitly with "edit-select" and BINARY XMLTYPE :wink:

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Thanks Julian, I'm glad it helps you. I thought it was pretty great too! :smiley:

I edited my prior post. If you don't specify GetClobVal or XMLSerialize, Toad will now add that for you. Not just for "Edit" commands, for regular selects too.

I have waited for this to return since Toad v10 (or whenever this feature was dropped back then). tbh it was a real pain in the *** working with XMLTYPEs (which was not Quests fault, the OCI failed proper support). Switching to BINARY XMLTYPE made it even worse. So yeah, that is some awesome news. Thanks.

You're welcome.

It was pretty painful for me really hurts to say "sorry, that's not supported" over and over! I'm glad I don't have to say that anymore.

It's even worse when it's not really your fault :wink: