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Beta Released (

Bug Fixes

  • Data Compare - background query to DBA/ALL_INDEXES was using the wrong session
  • Session Browser - List Index Out of Bounds error if "Fetch details" not checked
  • Schema Browser - Icon Legend getting lost on disconnected monitor
  • Workspaces - Access Violation when switching from one to another
  • A few others


  • Editor - popup error dialog after SQL error on F9 is now optional
  • Schema Browser - Logon Schema node now optionally auto-expands when Schema Browser is opened.
  • Multiple windows - Lack of privileges popup message now gives script to grant missing privileges and can run it if SYS password is known

it downloads same old version .462 so it offers repair


I just confirmed is indeed the copy that is here on Toad World. Maybe you've got a caching issue going on?

i mean from toad "check for updates"

Just checked there as well and it's correct. I defer to my original comment. Clear your internet cache and try again.