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Beta Released (15.1.33)

Beta Release 15.1.33 is now available.


Change Log

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The download link seems to point to 15.1.29.

At least I have installed 15.1.29 and after starting the setup file I am only offered "Repair" as an option.

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Oddly I had the same issue while connected to my Corp VPN. I disconnected and rebooted then launched Toad and it re-downloaded the 33 Beta which installed correctly.

@dirk.mika1 - Love the avatar! When I first started my professional career, I was working for GE designing ASICs and one of the old engineers gave me a wooden token with RTFM! engraved when I asked my second noob question. He became a good friend and seeing references like your avatar always brings back good memories, thx for brightening my Wed!

I saw the download problem too. We are working on it and hopefully it should be solved for next beta. The good(?) news is that not much changed between 15.1.29 and 15.1.33.

If you want to download it anyway, use these links: