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Bracket highlighting in string literals


In version, bracket/paren pairs are highlighted when the cursor is on them, even if they are contained within (separate) string literals. In version, this is no longer the default behavior. I cannot find an option to turn this behavior back on in 13 either.

We have a lot of legacy code that is just a bunch of JavaScript embedded in PL/SQL print statements. Having the bracket pairs automatically highlight across those string literals is very useful.

Is there an option to turn this behavior back on? If not, can you please add such an option.


There have been two changes that will make what you’re looking for impossible. There are no options to control it as the new behavior is correct for SQL and PL/SQL syntax in the strict sense.

  1. Brace highlighting within strings (and comments) was identified as a bug and resolved as they have no impact on SQL or PL/SQL structure. The goal is to easily identify SQL and PL/SQL groupings.
  2. Only ( ) and [ ] are meaningful for SQL and PL/SQL development. For Java you’ll need { } which have no meaning in PL/SQL and have thus been excluded (along with < >) after being identified as a bug.


I agree that highlighting { } is a bug within a PL/SQL syntax-aware highlighting feature.

What I would like is a way to enable the independent feature of highlighting { }, , and () in a language-agnostic manner. I want the old behavior as an intentional separate feature rather than being the unintentional bug of the feature you describe above.


I’ll set a reminder to have a look tomorrow and see what can be done to retain the new, allow for the old, and not clutter up options too much with items that only one or two will use.


Thanks, mstaszew. We appreciate it. I hope there is a way to balance the old and the new.