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Bracket highlighting in Editor Now highlights too many


I’m using and checked it against the production release which works fine.

If you have a statement which uses nested brackets, the editor used to be clever enough to highlight the corresponding close bracket when you put your cursor on an open bracket (and vice versa). Now, this only works for the outermost pair of brackets; if I highlight any of the inner brackets, the outer brackets are highlighted too.

This makes it very difficult now when editing a large block of code to quickly see where bracketed portions of code start and end. I was recently editing some code and put my cursor on an open bracket up near the top as I needed to see where the close bracket was so that I could insert another inline view after it but actually there were 4 close brackets highlighted along with 3 more open brackets above my cursor.

While you could say that the close bracket I want is the 1st one I come to, it’s certainly not as easy to identify as just having the correct one highlighted and no others. I’ve looked through the settings and can’t see anything obvious so I guess someone has made a change to the way it works in the editor?

Use this simple example (obviously it won’t run): Select Trim( Nvl2( bob, To_char( x ), ‘0’ ) ) From Dual

Put your cursor on the 1st bracket and the 1st and last are highlighted. Put it on the Nvl bracket and 4 are now highlighted. Now the one on the To_Char and all 6 are highlighted! try this in and only the pairs are highlighted.




Recently the behavior of older versions of Toad was restored where bracket highlighting now occurs when the caret is located anywhere within the group. In more recent versions the caret had to be adjacent to the bracket. Older Toad would only show the group immediately in scope, but I’ve modified it to show all groups in scope thinking it would aid in complex nesting. I’ll look at trying to visualize that differently. Perhaps a different shade of your bracket matching color for outer groups? The one immediately in scope could highlight as it always has and outer groups somewhat less in your face.



I could live with that! Thanks Michael.


I’m guessing you haven’t got round to this yet Michael? I’m now using and nothing has changed; any idea when you’ll be able to take a look at it?