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Bug - Bind variables not recognised in model clause - Toad

It appears there is a bug in the model clause where bind variables are not picked up for value entry at execution time. See the following simple example - if run in Toad, the window pops up to accept the bind variable value input, however the bind variable isn’t listed.

  Select *
From dual
Model Dimension by (dummy d)
Measures ('A' v)
Rules (
v['X'] = :val

Yes, it is a bug. I logged it. Thanks for your help.

Looks like it was also raised back in 2011 too.

I appreciate the Model clause isn’t used all that often, however it is a 10g feature at the end of the day so it’s not like it’s something new.

Thanks, the issue has been logged. It fell through the cracks in 2011 and likely never made its way into our bug tracking system.

This is fixed for Toad 12.12.